Alameda County CattleWomen

Promoting beef for over 50 years

About the Alameda County CattleWomen
The Alameda County CattleWomen organization was established in 1956. Our objective is to develop educational awareness about beef and to promote a better understanding of the various roles the beef industry plays in the environment and the national economy.


Executive Board
President - Michelle Sweet
Vice President - Dina Goff
Secretary - Patsy Gilbert
Treasurer - Dana Rivinius
Parliamentarian - Annie Warner
Director - Mary Jane Byrne
Director (Sunshine) - Joanie Jess
Director - Polly Stonich
Director - Merry Carter
Committee Chairs
Beef Ambassador - Malorie Bankhead
Beef Awards - Kim Bonde, Melinda Koopmann 
Beef Education/Ag in the Classroom - Nancy Mueller
Beef is King - Polly Stonich
Beef Promotion - Michelle Sweet
Bylaws - TBD
Hostesses - Bobbie Demaria, Joanie Jess
Legislature - Nancy Mueller 
Membership - Dana Rivinius
Nominating - TBD 
Scrapbook - TBD
Ways & Means - Dina Goff